Friday, January 11, 2019

A Walk Before Snow

Let it be known. There is a high hump in my driveway, soon to be covered in some aggregation of more cold wet slop. It's looking to start cold and turn to rain with who knows what in between. That is so backwards.

I plan to lounge this weekend anyway to rest up for finally removing all the damage gathered up from the last round of heavy wet slop at The Inn. I've been making piles there for a couple weeks. A quarter mile drive is lined with White Pine, the absolute worst tree in bad snow and ice storms for loosing huge branches. The place got smacked. The baby gardens there did fine.

My week of cold and dry is over. I came home and went for a slow stroll through the wild cultivated gardens. Come on along.


Marsha M said...

Are those daffodils? Snow drops? Aconites?

Christopher C. NC said...

Snowdrops right on schedule.