Friday, January 18, 2019

The Calm Before The Cold

I have spent the last five days with sharp cutting instruments walking a half mile behind a commercial grade chipper keeping it well fed. Imagine the long drive in to the Biltmore Estate. This will be the five days with sharp tools, a chipper, after a killer snow storm version. A whole lot of tidy happened.


A blast of deep cold approaches. What will it do? It should let me sit for the Monday federal holiday at least. Please, no wet heavy snow. We just finished cleaning up the giant mess from the early December snow storm today.

The Witch Hazel 'Diane' is starting to bloom. I wonder if their bloom is timed to the full moon in any way? With this cold coming, they will have to put it in park.

The Under Garden grows stronger

With each passing year.

I went out in the calm before the cold to visit with the Witches.

They are out here in the winter garden.

I may have to be in for a spell.

There is another house to clean.

I read a whisper, the polar vortex may be coming for an extended stay in February. What will it do? Please, no more heavy wet snow. One giant mess per winter is sufficient.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Some of those lichen covered rocks look positively yellow in these pictures. I like that. Some of my rocks are making a nice green coat for this winter. Sounds like you have been working hard. I hope you have some good reading materials for this coming cold. Cheers and stay warm.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa some of the moss is very much a lime green. Day 5 1/2 with the chipper today before the rain started. I'm ready to sit and looking forward to snow made with some real cold.