Thursday, January 31, 2019

Before The Vortex

I saw a pretty sky.

I got in some extra outside time. 'Arnold' and 'Jelena' were planted by the chimney a year ago. I hadn't even visited with them yet.

My father planted this dwarf variegated bamboo. It was a very good choice.

I saw snowdrops. Thousands of snowdrops. Not quite ready for their big days.

I went to check on my deer hunter. He was wanting some fire wood. I am wanting some Turnip Fields.

Sister #2 is going to like this path.

It was not too cold for a short walk outside before the vortex arrived.

The snow fell gently. Even that was fine for being outside. Then it stopped. The temperature slowly dropped and the wind grew stronger as the hours went by. It got ugly cold.

I was forced to stay inside.

The books are tabulated. The forms are printed. The receipts are in phase one of rigid order. The cats are pigs. We all live in a very tiny den.

It took two days to do that amount of paperwork. I knew at the right time in my life that a desk job would kill me.

It got too cold for a short walk outside. It was already well below my minimum operating temperature. That wind turned things ugly. Two days later it is almost safe enough to go back outside.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Good to hear you survived the Polar Pounding.

Sallysmom said...

My Arnold isn't going to bloom this year. I gave it a good talk last year & it decided to have good fall color but no blooms. Oh, well, 1 step forward.