Monday, January 21, 2019

A Winter Walkabout

In the Wild Cultivated Gardens

All that was left this morning was one degree. The sun was out and the wind was calm. This could turn into a nice snow day. It better. I stayed up and saw one tiny glimpse of the Full Blood Wolf Moon total eclipse last night. It decided to snow some more and blocked the view. At 9 degrees my endurance to keep looking was limited.

Shortly after high noon, with a sunshine melt underway, at a calm and balmy 22, I wandered outside. Bundle up and put on your shades, the sun is beaming out there. Click on a picture and do a winter slide show walkabout.

I need a nap.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Brrr that is cold. I bet your kitties don't even want to put their noses outside at this point. I hope you had a good nap.

Christopher C. NC said...

The cats are hibernating quietly for the most part. Nice nap. The phone rang of course.

daisy said...

Lovely! What's the bamboo-y stuff in pic 11? Is that the southeastern native stuff?
Also, I've been watching your blog for years now (even searching back to the beginning early on a few years ago after I found you) because you were attempting something I wanted to do, but I was (am) a novice gardner. So I'm wondering if, in these freezy and rainy days to come, you might want to treat us (me) to what I'm betting would be some amazing "before, during and after" photos.
In between naps, of course.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes Daisy that is a bamboo. It might be Sasaella masamuneana 'Albostriata'. It's a runner. My dad planted it a long time ago so I am not certain. It stays short, 2 1/2 feet and is evergreen most years. "Before, during and after" would be a challenge in my photo collection. That would take some major research.