Saturday, January 5, 2019

On A Windy Day

I was expecting to stay home in the rain all day. It finished early and a dry window for work appeared. I decided to stay home anyway and go rock hunting because I could. My momentum to leave the mountain had already been lost.

I got all ready to go hunting for stepping stone kind rocks and headed outside. The wind made me stop and turn around. It was aiming for fifty degrees and the wind chill out there felt deadly. Well crap! I will be staying in today.

I looked out as the Under Garden of winter was getting a well deserved blow dry.

This will help fluff things up. It won't make water logged ground dry and the weather diagnosis still says more rain today. Whatever. There is some serious need in gardens on both sides of the county for a good blow dry and fluff after getting squashed by cold, heavy, wet slop.

I kept trying to go outside. The wind was not cooperating. Then a little voice called from down below. Come sit. No wind.

Follow the yellow brick road.

The basement patio was the place to be with the wind coming in from the SE side, calm as could be. It felt nice, like fifty degrees.

It did get near tolerable with more sun and less wind for a time around two. I did wander off into the growing gardens of winter. You can too. Click on a picture for the slide show. There are some less seen views from deep in the bowl of the garden.

Yes, there will be snowdrops.


Sallysmom said...

Do you have a little firepit under there or would it be too close to the house?

Christopher C. NC said...

There is no firepit in the basement patio because I don't want the smoke in the house. My much used, small bonfire pit is on the Great Lawn.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are making me get out today to look to see if any snowdrop foliage is up. It is way too warm here for winter. Crazy. Glad you could get out despite the wind. Rock hunting sounds like fun.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the cold has arrived just as 'Jelena' was trying to bloom. I re-saw a great stash of easy access rocks on my regular route this week. Makes me tingle.