Saturday, January 12, 2019

Outside In A False Alarm

Where looking in is still outside.

And inside is a very different world.

Inside, 'Jelena' popped out all of a sudden. It has been a warm winter so far. It is the usual time. No need for alarm.

The cold wet slop I was expecting to wake up to has been late in arriving. It was a chance to burn the rubbish pile that had been drying all week so I went outside and lit a fire before the slop arrived. The last attempt failed because the pile was too wet.

I did stick with the main lounging/house cleaning plan. I do need to rest up for next week. I think more tidying than actual cleaning may have occurred. Three cats and a gardener covered in bits can make a mess of a hairball inside. I had to stick with the inside plan no matter what outside.

The gardens are quite tidy for this time of year. All that cold wet slop did a major knockdown of the meadows. Chop and drop will be a breeze this year and still no hurry. We haven't done winter yet. There is more slop to come. At some point there could even be snow made with real cold.

I was also pleasantly surprised there were not large quantities of sticks and branches down in my walk to the ridge top garden next door after all those raging winds. Apparently the forest canopy has already been whipped pretty clean. There isn't much dead currently left to fall.

It is cold outside, much more doable without the wind, but I have been inside more of late which seems to allow for more blog posts because it gets dark outside before six, sooner when wet slop is on the way.

At least the hairball of Creation has been released.

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