Monday, September 23, 2019

A Sign?

It is dry, dry, dry and getting drier. The Great Lawn sits in a wet bowl and remains perfectly green. It is perfect for pigs and every other kind varmints. There is a deer on the lawn in this very picture, hidden a bit by a deer high Tall Flower Meadow.

Now picture this, the old man on his front porch bellowing out to indifference, 'Get off my lawn!' It's pointless. They're all pigs.

Dark clouds rolled in this evening to tease. If any water falls, it will be a surprise. It got so dark my natural vibration and the shutter speed went Monet.

One rather large single black locust perched itself motionless, dead center in the peak of the Crooked Shed like a big shiny trinket. Quite fascinating.

It's dry, dry, dry out there and I'm seeing locust. The pigs are still invisible.

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