Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Garden Next Door

It was a restful day. Little was accomplished. There was a long nocturnal cat activity induced nap. As a too hot blazing sun began to fade, I roused myself for a tomato delivery and a tour of the ridge top garden next door.

There was Angelica gigas along the way.

The hunters are stirring. The Season is nigh.


The future Turnip Fields in their summer cover crop of Impatiens.

The forest floor is awash in late summer, shade loving wild flowers.

Little used or seen, the ridge top garden is having a very good end of year.

No loose cows got in the garden this year.

The deer spent more time in my garden and less time over here. Less chewing equals more flowers. The editing was minimal and mostly confined to skylights. The garden is returning to the wild flowers as the silver lamium is eliminated.

Half a curve away it is a completely different world.

This window from the house my grandfather built,
A window my mother began looking out of as a child,
The new shed window got water sealing caulk today.

This window has always looked out to gardens.

That was the big adventure for today.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

How nice to have a part of familia history in your shed.

Christopher C. NC said...

I knew it would find a purpose one day when I brought it here.

C. C. said...

The window is beautiful, and what a lovely remembrance.