Friday, September 20, 2019

Around A Drought

It is dry, dry, dry with no rain in the near term diagnosis.

Floods and drought and pestilence. It's all normal now.

The Stinkbugs are coming in to roost.

I wander in the Lush, a human vector.

You can click on a picture for the slide show anytime.

Don't let the rickety fence fool you, I live in a full on uncaged zoo.

There have been several days of dark clouds with no water.

The temperature dropped, not water. This could be the end of okra. I harvested my third big sack.

The seed heads of Fly Poison.

Where Angelica dance.

Menehune roam.

And a Tall Flower Meadow explodes in bloom.

The Stink Bugs are like Mexican jumping beans. They have startled the cats.

The clouds roll in and the dry color tries to come out.

I don't think the camera is doing it justice.

I still have old eyes, but this is so busy I wonder if anyone can visually process it. And the color? Well you would just have to see it in person, preferably in the right light, to get the full effect.

Something is digging little puka and pulling out 'grass' all over the Great Lawn and beyond. I think it's a pig.

The bottom of my garden is still wet from the floods. Strangely wet. A past life as a small stream is showing itself. It's very lumpy, not so comfortable to walk and getting worse.

I've been wondering. I had a look at my neighbor's busted vats of pond scum up above me. There is no telling where that big leak flows.

Pigs like wet.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wild pigs are the worst things. They are mean too. I have never liked pigs since one chased me up a tree when I was a child. It laid down at the base of the tree and went to sleep. I was too afraid to climb down and try to make it to the end of the field where it was kept. They found me in the tree. Of course when my Uncle came out to find me the pig took off. Never have forgiven pigs for getting me into trouble.
Your garden looks lush even without rain. My garden looks dull without the rain. Asters never disappoint tho.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I had horse trauma as a child and am afraid of horses to this day. Whatever is digging all these puka are creatures of the night. I've never seen or heard the actual perpetrators. Part of me hopes it is a big herd of skunks. The signs just say otherwise.

We have had dry worse than this before. So far the gardens are continuing to bloom well. If the dry drags on the dry color is bound to get even duller.