Sunday, September 15, 2019

Out Walking

There were two days of clouds and minor rumbles that only contained spit for my neck of the woods. It took the edge off of hot and made for good lighting for picture taking. I went out walking.

Then it became Bloom Day. Follow along. There are bound to be some flowers that show up along the way.

I think it is time to paint this shed.

Magnolia fraseri

I am encouraging a self sown grove of these magnolias to replace the dead hemlocks on the slope behind the dung piles by eliminating the competition.

Hay Scented Fern I believe, in an early dry induced fall. Most likely a hitch hiker that followed me home.

Aralia spinosa's ripe berries.

I had investigated the signs earlier. This time I had a camera in hand. This is my neighbor's view of the compound.

The only thing I know that can and will do this to thick turf is wild pigs. Oh Dear Lord.

That's life along the scenic byway.

Where tall grasses

And wild flowers

Are head high.

A varmint can get lost in there.

I told you there would be blooms.

It can be difficult to capture the color and complexity of the Tall Flower Meadow in bloom.

The color is dry right now. Wet color is more vibrant.

The maintenance gardener did need a fix this weekend.

But on this particular walk I was pondering the whole concept of maintaining a garden as a meadow.

I was more interested in capturing that aspect than the flowers for Bloom Day.

The maintenance gardener also needed to rest.

The Great Lawn was not whacked. The much larger negative space holds a maintained look far longer than a narrow path that is head high and shoulder wide.

And the gardener wondered, what is this thing I just nudge?

And embellish?

It is head high and improper.

At least the maintenance gardener was satisfied.

It was indeed time to paint. The clouds went away. The okra weather came back. It started with some trim around the door.

Then it turned blue. The close trim work will have to be a morning job. My natural vibration is higher near the end of the day.

But do I like these colors?

I sure do like that blond wood look, but this siding needs to be painted for protection. What about the house grey trim instead of the brown? That was my original thought. Then I thought darker might be better and the darker color was on the same paint swatch as the house grey so I bought a quart.

Do I like these colors? Light grey or dark?

But this is Bloom Day not blue shed day and the blue asters have begun.

With a little more spit and far less dry, an entire mountain will be covered in blue shortly.

I even have a flower closeup if you have followed this far along.

Good thing because the colors are dry right now and can be hard to attach to pixels.

I've been out walking in tall meadows with varmints. Sister #2 heard them creeping about when she was here. To her, they all sound like bears.


Arun Goyal said...

Lovely fascinating walk in to your garden..Asters were beautiful..hope you will fill it with colors in upcoming days..Happy bloggers blooms day.

Jeannie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the walk with you. My feet aren't hurting and I'm not covered in ticks. I like the color of the blue shed, but who knows if my old computer is even close to the real shade. It looked good on my old computer screen. Thank you for sharing and I hope the wild hogs are packaged up and in someone's freezer by now.

Unknown said...

You are asking someone that is going through her blue stage if she likes the dark blue. I like blue in any shade. It has to make you happy. It is much nicer than the light brown. Now my sister has a shed she painted a dark brown with white trim. It looks pretty in her tiny back yard.