Wednesday, December 10, 2008

After The Deluge


Amy said...

What a view!


Anonymous said...

Unimaginable. That is the most glorious blue I have ever seen in a pic. You are doing a fantastic job with your new camera. Have you ever thought about submitting them to some book company?
It is beyond me the beauty of the sky in any shade of color.

chuck b. said...

A good deluge, I hope.

Anonymous said...

The colors are beautitul, but I love those floating clouds with the mountaintops over them.

Jon said...

Christopher, magnificent photo of what I guess are the Blue Ridge Mountains. The shade of blue that you captured is just "awesome".

Hope your holidays are very merry this year. You can surely take pride in all you have accomplished on your house as this year ends. Way to go!

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Christopher C. NC said...

I try to do the view justice. It is a living painting.

Lola I sent one in to the National Geographic photo contest, but it didn't make the cut.

Chuck, it was a warm, 50+ degree double deluge and it will recharge the aquifer. Won't make much grow though and half my vinca plugs have slithered out of the hill along my new road cut.

Siria, the clouds are great fun to watch.

Thanks Jon. Merry Christmas to you. The tall peak on the left is Mt. Sterling which is in Smoky Mountain National Park.