Saturday, November 21, 2009

And The Winner Is

The entry for Gardening Gone Wild's November photo contest is

Into The Wilderness - Back Home

Thank you so much to everyone who voted. The final tally was:
Into The Wilderness - 10
The Edge Of Winter - 7 and
No crossing - 3.
As best as I could tell with some votes just as indecisive as I was.

The funny thing is the chosen winner was only added to the choices at the last minute. It was good, but not the most striking image to me.

I'd have to go back and count but I think The Edge Of Winter would have won as everyone's favorite photo. I need to win me an Amaryllis though so many of you voted for the most likely to win, not necessarily your favorite. That is so good of you.

Thanks again for the help in picking an entry. There is some strong competition and you never know what will strike the judges interest. It is fun trying, more so with a little help.

You would not believe how long it took to make this post with the heinous Hughes satellite internet punishing me with mega slow speed that drops the connection half the time. I keep mentioning this so it will come up in searches when people are looking at this service. Bad publicity. Take that Hughes, you lousy ISP that charges the same price as reliable high speed internet.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hooray on the big win. BOO to the slow internet service. That would make me crazy.

Lola said...

Congratulations, Christopher. I knew it was a winner.
Providers are for the birds sometimes. You pay for fast but get the same.

Anonymous said...

Well Christopher~~ Your choice is a dandy for sure. The Edge of Winter seemed more thought provoking to me. This just goes to show that you've got a great eye for photography. And patience too for putting up with that slow ISP. If they can fly men to the moon, why can't they have fast Internet? Crimony! My plague is that my furnace will interfere with my wireless connection and suddenly all attempts to navigate are in vain and I've got to restart my computer. Knock on wood, so far so good this morning. Good luck on the contest. I don't envy the judges.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I am another HughesNet hater!! I finally got wifi service. HughesNet is a terrible company, and their commercials make me want to throw my shoe at the tv.

Whew, now that my rant is over, I love the choice. I hope you win.~~Dee

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I didn't remember seeing that choice before, but agree it looks like a winner. Good luck on the contest and hope you get that nice bulb. As for the moronic dial up, have you tried shrinking your photos? I do it and they load so incredibly fast and you cannot detect any loss of detail on the blog. Good deal on paying leaf work, or any paying work. Those camellias were quite nice. Those silly kitties too, I hope they have a safe place to hide while the hunters are out and about. Interesting empty house. It does look like it should be someone's home.

EAL said...

I hope you win; the contest is not over yet, right? You must have won before; your photos are always so great!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now my inadequate right brain sees what you were talking about with the lattice; I like it! I can just picture one of those clematis on it. (I can picture plants; just not other things.) You are indeed lucky to have the building contractor; someone who's "been there, done that" is invaluable. But do not discount the high quality of your workmanship; you will have a home to be proud of!
It's kinda late for this suggestion, but what about some old gloves with the fingertips cut off? Kind of like using gardening gloves though; some people like and some don't.