Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nice Profile

Traffic continues to be heavy on the scenic byway. The closure of I-40 from the massive rock slide in the Pigeon River gorge is sending folks in to the back country on alternate routes. Tennessee is just over that mountain on the left, Mount Sterling. You can get to Tennessee and then on to Knoxville from here through Hot Springs with only the slightest bit of a detour to the east for a spell. Now the road is two lane and major twisty turny so it will take a while longer.

There are lots more rubber neckers and litterbugs passing by who catch a view of the cozy cabin in its winter state of exposure. If folks are going to be gawking I certainly could make an effort to put the best face forward.

In profile this is the cabin's good side and the side that faces west towards the road. It is painted now. It actually looks like a person could be living in there.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love the new paint job. It does look inhabited now. It won't be long it seems.

Anonymous said...

YAY! That looks absolutely great - especially with the red columns.... Good design and work!


Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa it still has that under construction look inside, but it is getting closer.

Thanks Bev. I like it. I need to put the facing board on the girder to cover the straps and bolts and then I think it will be painted red too.

Siria said...

Hi Chistopher! You have been really busy!!! I love it ~ it looks so awesome. It is understandable why there are so many gawkers. Soon you will have your "privacy hedge" and there will be no more gawkers.

Pam said...

I like the red columns too, with the rock wall. I keep thinking you've moved in, but it appears (from comments) that you haven't yet. Soon though?

It's funny, but since I've been living in the Airstream, I've lost all perception of size. Your 'little' cabin looks HUGE!

Lola said...

She sure is pretty. Hope the gawkers don't leave any trash.
I really like the paint combo. It looks like someone is there already.
Good job.

Pam/Digging said...

The cozy cabin looks great, Christopher. Perfect timing on finishing the exterior for the winter rubberneckers. (Maybe an evergreen screen is needed along the roadside?)

Gail said...

I love its looks Christopher. Your stonework is wonderful. gail

Annie in Austin said...

Read the design thread, Christopher and just my opinion, but I don't think stone facing would look right on those columns. Your cabin isn't a museum or a rich city-guy's weekend hideaway.

Do you think an early settler would have preferred non-rotting metal if he could haul it over the mountains? Maybe he'd be so proud of the columns that he'd paint them red!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, I love the look, it does appear someone could be living there, and will soon be. The red columns are fabulous, as is the red under the porch. Boo to litterbugs!


Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I have been busy to the point of being a bit wore out. Oh well. I will do some screening, not a solid wall though and it will be tough with all the shade. I may have to do some thinning to get a bit more sun.

Pam soon, like next summer soon I hope. I bet if you raised the airstream eight feet off the ground it would look huge too.

Lola it is moving along. Maybe it is the hunters, maybe the extra traffic, but I just picked up the trash on the road not long ago and it is worse than before.

Pam some type of strategically located evergreen partial screen along the road will be done. I was looking at some cold hardy clumping bamboo as one item for a screen.

Thanks Gail. It will be nice when the stonework is all done. I have another short wall to build yet and some massive boulders to play with. It may be a while.

Annie I thought stone on the columns would look awful myself. The cement is a good transition element to the wood look of the cabin. The early settlers used chesnut if they could because it is very resistant to rot. Maybe they even painted it red.

Yes Frances boo to litterbugs. I need to get out there and pick it up again. The convicts haven't been up this way in a long time.