Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ignore The Blue Tape

Hmm. Before I set anything in concrete I want to contemplate it for a while. I needed a wooden stake and the tape to keep the curved section from spinning around. It is not as dramatic as one could hope. Interesting in some respects. I was a bit concerned it might not be appropriate for the chimney, but once I got it stood up, it was titled 'Smoke'.

Smoke is kind of two dimensional and best viewed from just two sides. Perhaps I could try the curved rod directly in between the two straight ones. Hmm.

In situ. The spindly apple in the center and two pathetic peaches on the right side may also need to go. A nice new small specimen tree could be planted. Hmm. I decided to pull it further from the road than my original thoughts to give it a bit more intrigue.

Smoke was installed after the looping paths of Bonnie Brae were given a good weed whacking. My how stuff grows.

The Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' is really gaining some presence at the end of the season. I did not divide them this year after spending the first two years making a dozen plants from one one gallon pot. Surprisingly the Verbena bonariensis survived the winter. I am wondering if it was the two month long snow pack it was buried under.

The end of summer is here. Ironweed, Vernonia noveboracensis is blooming and like every year so far, just as it gets ready to bloom, a big ol' thunder storm comes along and tries to knock it down. I find that rather annoying.

A sculpture is under contemplation. A plan for tiling the shower with its decorative glass tile accent, shampoo and soap dishes was measured and drawn out. Now how to make it all work with the glass block wall and shower door in my always slightly off square and true spaces.

There is always tomorrow.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher ~ I love Smoke! What imagination you have! The sunset picture is gorgeous. Beautiful colors ....

Anonymous said...

I too love the curves and straight lines of Smoke, but it does look a bit insubstantial with all it has to compete with. Perhaps some more "weight" at the base? Like big rocks or something? (I have zero imagination so take my ideas with a rock of salt.)


Frances said...

Smoke is great, Christopher. I agree with Bev, it needs an anchor. Cool for the soap dish and stuff. Wish we had thought of that when doing ours.

Lola said...

Great idea. I think it will be very interesting especially when the garden is going.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev is right. I actually had to put a big rock on the curved piece to help keep it from popping out of the ground and thought then that a rock base would be nice to work off the chimney and foundation stones. So instead of burying the cement footing it can be above ground and faced with stacked stone.