Friday, May 25, 2012

BBQ And Ice Cream

After a whirlwind morning tour of four West Asheville gardens is was time to feed the hungry hoards. A garden setting seemed appropriate for lunch and it just so happens the lovely gardens of Curve Studios are directly across the street from my desired choice for lunch, 12 Bones.

What kind of a Planner Man would I be if I brought people from all over the country, from as far away as California and Canada, to Asheville, NC and did not take them to the most famous BBQ in town? We had to have 12 Bones.

This also allowed a little trip down to the River Arts district and gave the garden bloggers a look at other things Asheville has to offer.

The garden Pattiy Torno has created right next to the railroad tracks and around three old warehouse buildings are quite remarkable, at once garden and living sculpture in many of the vignettes around the buildings.

After a nice BBQ lunch, the bloggers were treated to fresh home made ice cream from the Hop. Yum. That tasty, cold ice cream hit the spot.

I did not wander around the vegetable garden to find out how to get inside, but that is some major varmint protection.

Thanks Pattiy. We had a fabulous lunch in your beautiful garden on a perfect sunny day.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

BBQ is one of my favorites. I thought the meal was great. I even liked the way they had their grits all gussied up. Yumm. I wish I could have gotten back to the art district to purchase some of those beautiful ceramics. I will just have to go back to Asheville some time.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there. It looked like so much fun.

Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog said...

That was a lovely place for lunch Christopher. Thanks for bringing us there.

Rebecca said...

How does one reserve a spot for the next fling?

(I was happy to find you identified in a photo on another blog. (Was it Digging?)

Kudos on successfully organizing what must have been a memorable experience for many, many people!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa don't forget the BCTDA garden blog contest. You could win 2 nights at a B+B and tickets to Biltmore. There is much more at Biltmore than what we saw.

Sallysmom you need to start blogging.

My pleasure Jean. I loves me some BBQ.

Rebecca no reservations needed. Just be a garden blogger, watch the Garden Bloggers FB page and sign up when Kelly is ready. I wouldn't imagine that will be until the end of the year though. I think I have appeared on several blogs by now.

Carol Michel said...

I missed this garden, but fortunately, Frances had some leftover BBQ that I got to eat that evening. Yummy!

Skeeter said...

Ah, eating great food and ice cream while sitting in a garden and soaking up the scent of the Rose's behind me was the best treat ever! Makes me want to plant more rose's in my garden...

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

When I got home, my husband said that he read about a great BBQ place, that I should have eaten there...yes, 12 Bones!! hahhaa, thanks for including this great place to enjoy a wonderful lunch!!