Sunday, July 5, 2020

Out With A Boom

In a garden for one.

A lot got done on the 4th of July. The forest was pushed back along the drive to give the Witches and some others more elbow room. The paths were mowed in my garden and the sunny utility meadow.

The slope below the roadside vegetable garden got some editing and tidying after the utility company stopped in with a bit of poison. They hand murdered a bunch of small native witch hazels and got in a few good squirts of broad swath death that have started to show up.

Someone or something, some click, stopped the spraying before it went to far. Lucky for them. Was it the mowed paths and hundreds of blooming daylilies? Inquiring minds have considered a call, but I don't want to make a fuss in an ongoing worldwind. My brain is already full. On my neighbor's side of the byway, the utility easements are turning completely brown. Beginning just below my garden is the same growing brown.

The roadside vegetable garden beneath the wires was looking quite sparkly for the holiday weekend. You would have to be pretty dumb to spray that.

Yes there are vegetables in there with all the flowers. There will be fine produce of some kind at some point now that it is getting hot and steamy.

Despite everything, a Blackberry Winter, the pelting of the hail, the deer that have taken up residence and a recent slap of poison, the gardens are looking quite nice in this year of ugly leaves. Nice enough for a Haywood County Garden tour that I was rejected for and then got cancelled all together. The proper gardens I tend won't be on tour either. I keep pondering a popup social distance garden tour. I have the room for it. But.

I do have to give the deer some credit. They are very tidy eaters, mostly use the paths and can step off of them without leaving much of a trace. Still, the dining was getting out of hand. I am considering getting a bigger cat.

Gardening would be so much easier without all the vegetarians.

A good mow job always makes things better.

One more chore to go and a big thunderstorm rolled in directly overhead. I had a little spraying of my own in mind. It would have to wait. It rumbled and cracked and ka-boomed and poured. It's nerve wracking now, these storms, cause hail and flash floods and what could happen next?

The power went out. Seems a main transmission line serving Haywood County was down. It was a blackout at dinner time on the 4th of July. I have not bothered to find out how wide spread the blackout was. It lasted six hours until midnight. My brain is already filled with chaos.

Makes one wonder just how independent are we?

There is a deer in there. The have munched Bulbarella's ridge top garden next door big time. This is the worst year of deer dining in all the years I have lived here. There has always been enough to share. This year it was getting out of hand.

A thought had come to me. Instead of sprinkling cayenne pepper directly on a plant, why not make a sprayer full of it mixed in water for easier, better and more widespread coverage? Then I googled it. Seems it is an age old remedy and everyone has their own special recipe.

Three acres of wild cultivated gardens were liberally sprayed with hot pepper water today. Will it work?

There she was on a nice green Great Lawn with a very new baby fawn, surrounded by tattered leaves and spokes of utility brown. Just great. This new one could learn to like spicy food. Just what I need.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh my, deer are such a nuisance. Detrimental to a garden any way you look at it. I think you have been lucky so far. Everything looks good in your photos.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa up until last year I never would have said deer were a problem. Things have changed.