Thursday, July 30, 2020

The View from The Parking Lot

My natural vibration is increasing. More of the pictures I take are coming out blurry. Or my eyes are going again. If I cared more about the photography I'd use a tripod, but I don't.

Everything is vibrating at a higher pitch. Everything. What it portends will be determined. A client died last weekend. Not from the corona virus. His bug garden is in the previous post 'Flowers'. I plan to acquire the sign and have a little memento of Dr. David Alsop, entomology professor at Queens College New York in my bug garden.

Three gardens I tend will be on the market soon. Change is coming. A lot of it is age related.

It is the time of Voodoo and a wet and steamy voodoo this year. I sent a full pot of my baby Amorphophallus bulbifer to the nursery last fall. In a larger pot with nursery quality fertilization, they are already bigger than my Voodoo Lilies in one season. I was shocked. She owes me an Amorphophallus konjac bulb.

They have multiplied enough for the Crooked Shed to go full voodoo this year. Maybe I could start selling the annual bulb crop to the nursery?

All these years later and the peasant gardener still has a patch of weed flowers and one Japanese maple grown from seed in the parking lot cabin side bed. There were and still are other priorities. And should I get another gubmint bribe check, the driveway and parking lot are going to get regraded this winter. After my weed flowers are gone. Better to see the grade then.

It's either that or time to have a sign made for the top of the drive, 'Warning - High Hump Ahead'.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your photos don't look fuzzy when I go to the slideshow mode. This is another thing that BLogger has messed up trying to make it better??? Voodoo would be nice if it didn't have to be over wintered. Change is always in the offing. I hope you get your sign.

beverly said...

"Gubmint bribe check. " LOL priceless. Love those voodoo lilies!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I don't post the really blurry pictures. I'm not a big fan of winter storage, but the voodoo lilies are easy. I just put the pots in an unheated utility closest. A garage shelf would work fine. I'm hoping for a regraded drive and parking lot over the sign.

Beverly that is sure what it feels like to me, a bribe to mitigate the ongoing colossal FU up of the political class.