Sunday, December 25, 2022

A Polar Christmas

It was a shelter in place kind of weather forecast. Those were my plans anyway. The gardener was near ready to close for the season. Wicked cold and a dash of snow was on the way.

The cupboards were filled so I could stay put. I may get to hibernate. Wicked cold was on the way.

On the balmy afternoon before the event, I pondered a garden about to get zapped. A flash freeze of minus degrees was a rather abrupt change of scene.

It is the extremes that cause all the havoc. What will survive intact in a flash frozen world? Will the power stay on?

Minus eight degrees -8** on fast moving winds along with a light dash of snow. It won't get above freezing for five whole days in a row. One spigot is frozen. The books got done. That has happened in the minus before. The power stayed on. I stayed put. The wind was blowing every time I set foot outside. It is time to hibernate. We are having a polar Christmas.

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beverly said...

Glad your power stayed on; that's always the big worry! I was in Boston and it wasn't as cold as it was at my home in MD!