Saturday, May 20, 2023

Ripples On the Surface

I have been sleeping for the past two months. The sleep of the dead and dying. Being sick is my full time job now. It demands my attention. Spring passes over the mountain top in the tapestry and texture of a mountain meadow as I slumber.

Green is a color again amid the march of the Mayapples.

A healthy sprinkle of the blue Phacelia purshii is now growing in my garden. It will only spread more from here. One more ripple in the tapestry.

Amid growing trees and shrubs that are gaining ever more presence and definition in a wild cultivated garden.

Is the garden finished? Perhaps. There could also be decades of tinkering left to tend to.


Barbara H. said...

Happy to hear from you. Slumber - refreshing? Escape? Healing? I don't know - I just know I nap every day either in the chair or slung across the bed. The ripples you have created travel outward and inward, sometimes clashing against themselves and more often journeying onward and outward - unknown to you.

Sorry if this all sounds presumptuous - it just seems to be what I need to write. The result of a ripple?

Keeping you in my thoughts every day.

Uwharrie Mountain Native Plant Farm said...


I'm sorry we never had the opportunity to meet when we were both younger and healthier. Maybe our chance will come. Your garden has been an inspiration to me since I discovered your blog several years ago.

I'm wishing healing and health for you. Your ripples have indeed spread far and wide.

Hugh Martin

C. C. said...

You have made a difference in my life. For the better. Just wanted you to know that. I've enjoyed following your blog for many years.

Rest well and heal.

Kate Child said...

I followed your blog for years and then lost it with a change in computers. Only recently re-found you. I have enjoyed your stories of your garden; rescuing plants from job sites, etc. I am glad to see a few words and photos again. I hope peace and contentment find you in these hard days.

beverly said...

A garden is never finished, eh? We all enjoy your posts and your garden when you are able to communicate with us. Peace and slumber, to awake again perchance.