Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Scream

Would you like to see another picture of my plumbing? I just bet you would. Did you know that any drain line downstream of a toilet must be directly tied into a separate vent? I bet you have no idea how the plumbing in your house works.

The plumbing came very very close to passing this go round. There were even two inspector men. I think the first one brought backup because it was so not to code before that he doubted we would be able to fix it. The main inspector man came with. He was actually very pleasant and told me that the fix he would accept was to reroute the shower drain into the washing machine drain which is already on a different vent. That can be done relatively easily without dismantling the entire sewer line, praise be.

The rough electric is passed. They are done nitpicking. The plumbing sort of passed. They said don't call for another inspection until the insulation is done and they would look at the plumbing fix and insulation at the same time.

Just a little scream.

But we have the full go ahead to move forward. This summer is slipping away and the cozy cabin is no where close to where I imagined it would be. I need to stop imagining and work harder. I can imagine instead a huge drift of this Ligularia some where in my gardens to be to let me know what time of year it is.

It is possible I suppose to get the insulation completed and finish the last bit of siding before the snow flies, maybe even before all the Lobelia siphilitica is gone. Then I can work inside all winter long on drywall and tile floors. I could even build the glass block shower wall and tile the shower. It should be much warmer inside the cozy cabin this winter than last.

The Angelica gigas joins the end of summer parade in the sunny utility meadow. This is a biennial so there are not as many blooming this year as last.

There are certainly more than the first summer I was here and I know hiding beneath the tall summer players are dozens and dozens of yearling angelicas.

Their seeds look like dry oatmeal flakes and they make a ton of them.

A little scream or a cluck cluck. Today went well I think with the inspector man. I told myself while waiting for him to arrive that no matter what, all would be made right and life would move on. I will live in the cozy cabin one day.

I finally got a shot of the turkey flock that has been roaming the mountaintop for weeks now. There are about twenty of them foraging through the gardens. That is what they do, cluck, cluck as they forage more than any kind of gobble and they make a lot of racket when they fly.

The Spot family kept their distance from these big birds and stayed close to me as I crept slowly forward.

Creeping slowly forward to the inevitable accomplishment of a goal.


Siria said...

Congrats! I think that is good news and yes I think you can get all that done so you can spend the winter tiling and finishing the inside of the cozy cabin. That picture of the Ligularia. I have those big pretty leaves all over, but I never get any blooms. Is there something else that looks like it and doesn't bloom?

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria, the Ligularia leaves are a bit bigger than a softball. I have seen something here with leaves that look just like that but half the size. I have not seen it bloom so I am not sure what it is. It could be those similar looking leaves are the basal leaves that change when the bloom stalk comes up and I have not associated that leaf with the right plant.

Anonymous said...

I was about to scream myself till you mentioned the "fix." I am very glad they brought the main man, so to speak, who could deviate from the book a little to get the job done.
We will pray for a long warm fall for you to get finished enough to work inside this winter. Just think; only one more winter with the freezing shower pipes! (:


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You just need a little wine to soothe your throat after your scream. I have faith in you. You will be in that cabin before you know it. I have such trouble with Ligularia growing here. I have one plant only because all others have died. I can't figure out WHY. This is my little shout of frustration. Turkies are fun to watch. I can just see the Spots creeping up on the turkies with you.

Frances said...

Well this sounds relatively good, Christopher. I don't think the inspectors ever rave about how fabulous a job anyone does. A grunt is high praise from them sometimes. Glad you got a nice one to rest your mind a little. It will all be done someday and you will be happily ensconced. Glass block and tiling sound like enjoyable pursuits. Did you chose the backsplash tile yet? Cluck cluck.

Frances said...


Gail said...

Christopher...I did know about the plumbing. My brain is filled with all kinds of 'helpful info', usually enough to get me in trouble with inspectors! The keep on keeping on attitude is getting your to your goal. The last shot of the view is wonderful. gail

Kate said...

I found that home baked cookies worked WONDERS with the building inspection process. It was really kind of remarkable how easily things 'passed' when they were porking out on my chocolate drop cookies. :)

Lola said...

I'm glad for you Christopher. The mind is a bit easier to say the least. I know you will have all done outside by the first snow fall. Then to settle down & do things necessary inside to the Cozy Cabin to help make her more comfortable & live in.

chuck b. said...

It was a little scream of joy, right?

One of those turkeys could be dinner.