Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Madame Steppers

Another storm has passed in the year of the monsoon.

The remnants play out in the evening sky.

In between rains the steps to the basement patio were completed. A comfortable new route replaces a slick wet hill.

An enlarged stone landing gives a moment to pause before deciding which way to go next.

To the basement patio for a candle light supper and a view over the gardens

Or out to the gardens for a closer look where Madame Stappers, the black dahlia has returned to bloom for another year.

Some day.

For now it is back to the sewer line and plumbing. The old flunked sewer line is gone. The new is cut, pieced together in place for critical analysis and ready for gluing in the morning. Hopefully it will be dry and sunny by then.

Today the steps down to Madame Stappers are there.


Lola said...

Madame Steppers is great but those pics of the sky are beyond belief.
Fantastic, just fantastic. Never will I tire of them.

Siria said...

It's nice to get things checked off the list isn't it?! Steps done....they look great.

Christopher C. NC said...

Tis true Lola. I never tire of that sky either.

Yes Siria it is nice to have them done, another accomplishment. As I was looking at those pictures I realized all the figuring that went into building the walls and the stairs and that the building contractor did most of that figuring.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such dramatic skies Christopher. Did you get to see any of the meteor showers the past couple of nights??

Cindy, MCOK said...

Glad to see it's all coming along so well. Since I can't have sunsets like that myself, I enjoy your pictures all the more!

Unknown said...

I adore that dahlia, and never seem to tire of seeing updates on that wonderful cabin (and porch!) of yours... although I'm sure that you'll be happy when the list is completely checked off. :)

Good luck with the sewer line tomorrow!