Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There is always something lurking in the roadside vegetable garden. The other morning I found a beer bottle that had bounced through the cantaloupes that are not setting fruit when time is a wastin'. The day before I just missed some folks who wandered down to the cozy cabin and then took a walk through the vegetable garden. They drove off before I could get there to say, "Howdy. What's up?"

A second butternut squash has suspicious claw or tooth marks raked down one side. Is all this rain making them split or is something attempting to get a sample?

The expected marauder has been a no show and we ate the first sweet corn of the season without paying a toll to the raccoon. How is that possible? The corn is sweet, ready and plentiful.

Much more is lurking. The annual festival of the ripening tomatoes has just begun. Here the grape or saladette tomato 'Juliet' has been gracing the table for over a week now. Further north, ripening tomatoes signal the start of another kind of ritual. The proud grower of fine produce in a garden in Indianapolis is so stirred by the first big ripe tomato of the season it gets her competitive juices flowing.

I thought I was prepared this year. The 'Cherokee Purple' heirloom tomatoes first set of fruit had produced many competitors for the WUT and were ripening earlier than the later fruit set.
This tomkin would be nice around Halloween, but is it ugly enough?

A good deformity always makes a strong competitor.

The other side was even more hideous. Obviously I have grown this year's WUT.

I think someone knew that would be the case and the tomato competition was changed to TAOF, a (tomato as other food) presentation.

Hmm? TAOF? I think I will have a nice cup of toe and think on it for a bit.

Perhaps a little tomst and jam to go with my toe would be nice.

What will I do for the TAOF?



chuck b. said...

Those are hideous! But hurray for sweet corn w/out raccoons! I can't believe you've been growing corn all this time and hiding it from us.

Lola said...

That is one ugly mater, Christopher. But by the looks of things Bulberilla may need to get the caner out. The best maters & green beans come in the Fall up there. I've canned many jars of both in the Fall.
Hope nothing was messed with from the unknowns. Poor Uncle Ernie sure is busy of late.

Anonymous said...

Christopher 1; racoons 0. Let's hope the no-hitter continues! I am also growing Cherokee purple but nothing ripe yet; can't wait to see how ugly they are!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, your tomatoes have a bad case of the uglies. We grew Cherokee purple tomatoes this year and they did the same thing. I thought it was because they were grown in a topsy turvey bag and didn't get the right nutrients. Maybe it is part of this heirlooms character?? Having a cup of toe?? A twice struck typo or am I not familiar with some mountain type of tea??
Uncle Ernie does seem to invite visitors. Too bad he couldn't ask them what they were up to.

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck the corn has made several appearances this season, so has the raccoon which is why I don't understand how it has not been devestated.

Lola, the green beans are winding down and I did not plant a second crop. Late August into September and October is definitely tomato time.

Bev, I hope the no hitter continues too. The 'Cherokee Purple' had an early fruit set that was all deformed. The second fruit set, a couple of weeks later was normal.

Lisa, last year the ugly tomato came from another heirloom, 'German Queen'? if I remember correctly. I do think they are more prone to oddness. Look closely inside the tea bag and you will see where the toe comes from.

chuck b. said...

You're right; I scrolled down and there was corn.

Many people tell me I may be suffering from early Alzheimer's.

Linda said...

As a big fan of toast and tea, I really like your TAOF entry. Very elegant ya get extra points for that.

Good thing for me it wasn't a WUT competition, you have some major contenders there!

Carol said...

Your WUT is ugly, but still doesn't beat my WUT from last year, in my humble opinion. Your Toe and Tomst, now that's pretty good. I'll add it to the list of "contenders".

Carol, May Dreams Gardens