Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Mallow

A Hibiscus Cordial 'Cherry Brandy'. It is a long wait to see this big mallow bloom. They freeze to the ground over the winter and are one of the last things to wake in the spring. This pomelo sized deep red flower is in the front bed that is predominately blue, lavender, purple and white. I was considering moving it to stick with a theme, but don't think it is really necessary. The hibiscus can stay.

On the the second and third try, mallow seeds sent by Kim from Instrument of Grace were successfully grown into plants. About a half dozen have been planted so far and a few were shared with Bulbarella. Another three will be planted this weekend I hope. There will be plenty of hibiscus in the gardens now so no need to move this happy one out by the roadside.

A flower to rival the sun.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

To me it is much better to have your brandy in a flower than in a snifter. I think these flowers are so cheerful. I have one of the old fashioned varieties of this hardy hibiscus. It is smaller and either a pale pink or white bloom on them. They are so slow to emerge in the spring that my DB always thinks they are weeds coming up.

Frances said...

Good deal on getting the seeds to grow for you, Christopher. If anyone can do it, you can. Your new stairs are indeed grand and make the basement so inviting! I can imagine many a candlelit dinner down there. And maybe breakfast and lunch too. There is nothing better than being out of doors, IMHO. Your sun is unbeatable. :-)