Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yellow Discs

The sun has been scarce of late. I went in search of a little substitution for sunshine.

Helianthus tuberosus, Jerusalem Artichoke is just getting started.

The Coreopsis verticillata is nice, but it is to meek and rain mushed to make up for missing sunshine.

Here we go, Helianthus annuus in the roadside vegetable garden can make me smile on a mostly wet and rainy day.

One row over is this lighter colored lemon yellow Helianthus annuus.

I have been keeping busy during sprinkles, showers and downpours. The insulation of the cozy cabin is moving along nicely. Of course it will need to be inspected. Will he like how I was shown to do it by stuffing the insulation behind the wires or the way I decided to do it a bit later by cutting the insulation behind the paper and slipping it over the wire. My way is easier to get the insulation in and it looks a lot nicer. The dry wall will hide it all though.

And the sun decides to return for a brief spell and I go out to look for more yellow discs.

Lots of the Rudbeckia hirta is blooming now. Some patches of it have had their petals gnawed by grasshoppers and are looking a little less than full sunny. Such is life with an intermittent monsoon.


Siria said...

Beautiful sunflowers! I planted seeds the last 2 years and nothing comes up. I need to try harder next year! Insulation is really coming along nicely. Isn't it nice to feel so productive when it rains?!

Lola said...

It all looks good, Christopher. Insulation is going along fine. I like your way of putting it up. R21---we used R12 down here. But of course that was yrs. ago. May be higher by now. And the fact it gets much, much colder where you are. I think that would work better here even with the air condition.
Love those sunflowers. I need to try them here.

Anonymous said...

Love your post theme; "yellow discs" replicating the sun. (ps I'm jealous of your rain. The grass is always greener, so to speak....) You've got plenty of them, too! I love sunflowers.


Pam said...

I think that sunflowers are my favorite. I did graduate research on them - so definitely have a soft spot - but how can one not smile with those things staring down at you? I still haven't planted my annual sunflower seeds - need to this weekend - my favorite time down here is to have them blooming in October. I suppose they are my autumn color!

chuck b. said...

Theoretically, could a nail go through the dry wall and hit a wire? That would be bad.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria, I lost a few seedlings to the slugs til I put cups around them.

Lola it will be R38 in the floors and ceilings as by the code. Code for walls was R18 or something a bit lower.

Bev, it has been a very wet year. I am liking the sunflowers too and think I will grow them every year.

Hi Pam. What was your graduate study on? With all the chemical snooping science can do these days it would be hard to guess what part of the sunflower would interest you. I did grow them in Hawaii a few times. Didn't need to worry about seasons.

Theoretically yes Chuck. Drywall will be fastened at the studs and where the wires go through the studs are metal nail guards if the drilled hole for the wires is close to the surface of the stud.

chuck b. said...

Have you eaten the Jerusalem Artichoke root? S'posed to be tasty.

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck I was told by the resident gardeners that the native Jeruselam Artichoke root was not much more than a skinny rhizome. Another patch that blooms a month later and looks a bit different came from a grocery store tuber.