Sunday, August 30, 2009


My third summer on the mountain is ending and this is what a big chunk of my garden looks like. Obviously I have not spent a lot of time in there. If I don't cut a path through it, by the end of the summer my garden is impenetrable particularly because the Clematis virginiana literally ties it all together. I have been planting things and pulling a few weeds now and again. It just needs more input.

If you could have seen me slowly, methodically and with measured precision climbing the ladder on the back wall of the cabin, no doubt a certain South American forest creature would come to mind. As I attached myself to the wall and hung there, gingerly reaching in to the tool belt for the next implement needed to place trim around the window and add another row of siding you might wonder if I was taking a nap up there.

No I was very precisely lining my nest.

The new decking and stoop roof have made working on this side so much more pleasant. It has not sped things up however. I work slower suspended in mid air. I wonder if I can finish this side without the scaffolding?

If only I could float like a butterfly or fly like a bee.

Then my garden could look more like these. Just a bit more organized.

There might even be time to do something with all the apples that fall from the trees.

No worries. The siding is very close to being done.

A few more days, another week maybe. I do need that scaffolding. How little I will need it is the question as I reach slowly for everything within reach.


Kay said...

Great post as usual. You are such a talented writed.

I'm fascinated by the silhouette in the clouds. See it ?

Siria said...

Please do not fall! I think the scaffolding is a good idea.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Kay. Thank you for the compliment. Yes I see the silhouette. It is a womwan doing I am not sure what yet.

Siria that is why I move so slow, so I won't fall.

Lola said...

It's coming along fine. I have confidence in your ability to obtain your goals. Scaffolding is a good idea. You frighten me by hanging around.
The flowers look great. It won't take you long to have it the way you want it.
Great pics of the sky. I saw the silhouette that Kay spoke of. Maybe the guardian of the talented one?

Anonymous said...

Being a sloth is nothing but good at that height! Praise be, the Lowe's house is almost gone!
There will be abundant time for the garden when you are done.


Layanee said...

I am amazed at your many talents, perseverance and energy. I am catching up on blogs and I see I have quite a bit of reading to do over here. The cozy cottage looks so inviting. Your piece of paradise is paradise, indeed.

p.s. Are those ginseng really stock photos are are you protecting your find?

Cindy, MCOK said...

I'm at work today so I can finally catch up on blogs. You've been busy and productive when it comes to both blog and cabin! Congrats on the 1000th post and here's to the next 1000! I look forward to reading them.