Friday, August 7, 2009


Some things don't give much indication of change. The Queen Ann's Lace, Daucus carota starts blooming in the spring and just keeps on going. You can't tell what time of year it is by this plant.

Other plants are harbingers of passing time and changing seasons. One of my favorite wildflowers, the Ironweed tells me that summer is winding down.

In their slowness, slow incremental changes elsewhere engender other feelings as the Ironweed sends its signal.

Sunny weather moved the work back outside. Stringers for the long stairs down to the basement patio were laid out, cut and fastened into place.

Four posts in concrete footings will support it and anchor it in place. A drain line was trenched beneath to collect water off the basement patio. The stone landing at its base will need to be enlarged to make for a more comfortable turn to the patio. The grand staircase moves ahead.

Still for all the world it looks the same to me as it has for quite awhile. I must remind myself that the well is dug with water and electric lines in place. A gas tank and gas lines are in. The rough electric is complete aside from some nitpicking by the inspector man. The front porch roof is on. The insulation work has begun. The plumbing, well the sewer line part of the plumbing must be redone. All that practice should make it go faster when the stairs are complete and attention returns to it.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. Two more retaining walls were built so my sewer line could be buried on its way to the turdbox that was too high.

I crave finishing the siding. That will make the cozy cabin look visibly different. I will feel better and perhaps all the other work that has been accomplished might seem more real. That will be a job for September when the building contractor heads to the beach for a month.

I suppose I could get up at the crack of dawn and work til dusk and get more done. I'd have to give up my leisurely morning coffee and puttering harvest for lunch in the roadside vegetable garden. Then I might be even more cranky.

To cranky maybe to notice the Lobelia cardinalis has begun to bloom as the seasons slowly spin round.


Anonymous said...

I think making a list of all you have accomplished is an excellent way to stave off crankiness regarding the few setbacks. Your workmanship is impeccable and the colors you've selected are exquisite.
In the not too far future, sitting on your porch, you will look back on all these in-progress pictures and go "Ahhhhhh."


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I agree with Bev. You have to also give yourself credit for the fact that you have done all this work yourself! I think you should continue with your morning coffee and lunch harvesting rituals. The cozy cabin will get done in due time. It is looking great!

chuck b. said...

What is the Joe Pye Weed up to this time of year?

Frances said...

You mean you aren't working dawn to dusk? I thought you did already. How else could you have accomplished so much? I love the grand staircase too, it will offer some beautiful views too. Make sure to make a level place on the railing to set the camera. Great shot of the ironweed. Yours is ahead of ours. :-)