Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trotting In The Back

I was busy working on you know what when the turkeys wandered by. This time I was ready and just quietly walked out to the front porch, zoomed in and took a few pictures. I have no idea why they seem to be favoring such a small territory of late. They just wander around in circles.

Even though at times I feel like I am doing the same thing, there is progress. With the semi-approval of the plumbing, I was finally able to bury the darn sewer line. I wasted no time this morning in starting the process of eliminating the last obstacle in the path to the back kitchen door.

It still looks a little scary, but the big hole to the right of the store bought block wall is now filled in. There is more to come.

Four more stepping stones will create a six stone landing at the base of the decking. A post and railing on the left, starting at the edge of the block wall will force entry over to the right. A post on the right will connect to the post and railing for the steps as they head down to the basement patio. A landing and defined restricted entry up onto the deck will help guide you up to the back kitchen door.

That leaves the big gap on the left between the house and the store bought block wall with the decorative stove pipe accoutrement. It is possible for some fool to fall in to that space. What to do? What to do? I want to avoid more posts and railing, though it would not surprise me if the inspector man requires it. That could just be temporary until I think of something with visual and physical substance to fill that space. Something fun.

I'll have plenty of time to think about it while I am working on the you know what and the turkeys wander around in circles.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Bugs are probably making the turkeys go around in circles. The inspectors are making you go around in circles.

Lola said...

Around & around we go, huh!!! Love the turkeys--Thanksgiving coming up. lol
Can't imagine anyone falling into that space. Maybe planter boxes of some kind for kitchen herbs or some small plant.