Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scattered Clouds

The monsoon ebbs and flows.

The ground beneath is awash in abundance by those inhabitants that don't mind the wet.

Clouds form close to the ground

And expand.

Organized and corralled, towering monsoon fed weeds are tamed into a garden.

Some remain wild and carefully watched.

Their inclusion into an expanding garden will come.

Will they ever really be tamed?

An oasis of order surrounded by floral chaos is in sharp contrast to the sterile order across the road. Which one is a garden?

I grow wild by acclimation.

Among the scattered clouds.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That last photo reminds me of the time I sat on the balcony of ASA Wright in Trinidad and watched the rain clouds float up the valley toward us. Aahhhh.

Frances said...

You are becoming acclimated to your mountain. The wild garden is much more inviting than the clipped one, but both are nice. The ironweed needs to be watched, for sure. I cut mine half down last year and it branched nicely and was shorter. This year, no cutting and it it stupidly tall. The rain bends it down and the flowers can be seen, but it is not supposed to be horizontal. Is that a white J. anemone?

Les said...

There are few colors like that of the ironweed. Things certainly look abundant there.

Lola said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Looks so like I remember. Fall sure is a lovely time of yr.

Lola said...

Christopher, have you come across Ginseng yet? A very unusual looking plant. The berries should be turning pretty soon. I have some pressed leaves in a frame. Looks nice.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa there is a certain jungle feel to this place without the heat and humidity.

Frances, my Ironweed was shorter and bushier on its own this year. Still it bends. It has some neighbors for support that helps. Yes that is the white japanese anemone. Need some?

Les that color must be what draws me so. It is my favorite of the wildflowers.

Lola fall is just getting started with cool nights and mornings in the upper 50's this week. If I know anything about Ginseng or where some might be, not that I have ever seen any, I am not saying a word about it to anyone at anytime.

chuck b. said...

So much, and the fall asters haven't even begun.