Monday, October 25, 2010

The End Of Sublime

There are some good things about warm dry weather when it shouldn't be so warm and dry. The days have been just gorgeous for the fall showing.

And on the last day of gorgeous weather, we had a Faire visitor from Tennessee. Normally this visitor is accompanied by grey skies, mists, rain, snow and cold temperatures. This time she got lucky.

Because the very next day the grey skies, mists, rain and cooler temperatures arrived. I don't have any photographic evidence as proof of the visit. We will have to wait and see if near identical pictures appear at the Fairegarden. Will this be the one?

I traded a big rock for the new Yellie Mum, an offspring of the Sheffie Mum. Not these mums. These are other mums that have returned two years running, a good sign.

Will this be the near identical picture of a sublime afternoon in Autumn when visitors came to the mountaintop's wild cultivated garden?

The week of rain ahead is sure to bring the peak of the fall showing to an end. It was wonderful while it lasted and good to be able to share it while it was still sublime.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What I want to know is how many bottles of wine, I mean empty bottles did she bring to help line the new flower bed?

Lola said...

So glad the weather was ever so nice while visitor was there.
Still gorgeous pics.
How many bottles do you expect it to take?

Christopher C. NC said...

Let me see. One, two, three, four, five six. Frances brought six. Five wine bottles and one small blue vodka bottle. They are amber, green and blue.

Lola I don't think it is about how many so much as it is about how long will it take. Lets see, 30 feet approximately. Say 4 bottles a foot. Around 120 bottles is a good guess. Drink up folks!

That picture is maybe uploading to a new post with my stupid aggravating Hughes satellite internet now.

Carol said...

I look forward to hearing about Faire Frances's visit to your garden and cozy cabin. She did luck out on weather, it seems.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! It was great to see you today and I am so sorry that I couldn't meet Frances this visit! So close, but maybe (hopefully!) next time!!! I too am happy that the weather cooperated for Frances' visit. It will be interesting to see where your rock "lands". :)

I'm sorry to say that I had 2 wine bottles saved to give you today and I forgot. I'll have LOTS more when I see you next time ~ I promise!

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol I think this is the first time the weather has been nice when Frances and the Financier were here. She may have a better report than me. I have wine bottles and mums as evidence.

Siria it was nice to visit with you too once I realized you were not in a rush to leave and were fine with visiting. Perhaps at Christmas time we will overlap and y'all can come see the cozy cabin. More wine bottles. Goody!

fairegarden said...

Dear Christopher, that was certainly lucky timing, for once! The mountain was indeed sublime. We both so enjoyed your and your parents hospitality. The fall color up there was far superior to what was down below, brown and crispy. I forgot to take that aster shot by the house, but there is another that will be posted tomorrow. You will remember it. I believe the rock again went to work with the Financier this morning, but I will have the spot prepared and have him place it this evening. We will work to fill your bottle quota! :-)

Financier said...

After a this weekend's trip to a PSU football game, a foot of empties should be available. If the game goes well, another foot could be consumed.

fairegarden said...

Re PSU: only one bottle collected, even thought our team won. :-)