Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rough Gardening

Uncle Ernie says if there are still leaves on the trees and the grounds not froze then there is still time to garden. I will have to keep that in mind.

The gravel road bed was spread and compacted yesterday and a new planting area has taken shape.

I have waited so long for this, I may not be able to resist this blank garden slate calling out for some visual interest. You must know there was never any thought given to parking cars smack up against the cozy cabin.

I couldn't resist. The new bed is now fully mulched with wood chips and a seedling Acer griseum that fell out of the ground at Client #1's last spring and that I have been growing out since was planted. It's a start. While doing this my mind turned to edging. I do need to discourage cars from driving through. I'm tired of rocks. I'm thinking wine bottles turned upside down and partially buried in the ground.

I even revisited Turdhenge and rearranged the rocks for the new Lake Turdishsan.

The plan is to cover the turdbox with landscape fabric and probably the small roundish multi-colored pea gravel. It can be a raked gravel Japanese garden thingy. The far shore was rearranged from a straight line to give it more movement and interest.

I will contemplate what will be planted in the bed behind Lake Turdishsan over the winter.

There is still some Fall left. We have not even had our first frost, much less our first killing frost.

There have been a few meager attempts at freezing temperatures, but any really cold air has sunk to the valley floors. We have been spared up here on the mountain top.

It is the wind behind these fronts that is the driving force behind the end of Fall.

The trees are getting naked, but the grounds not froze, so there may still be more time to garden.


Lola said...

Uncle Ernie is right. If the sun is shinning it is still a good time to plant.
That is a awesome drive. Love the planting bed close to the house. Never thought about having vehicles close to the cabin. That would spoil it. Best to have something living there. Maybe some herbs in summer for those great meals you will be fixing. For an edging how about bowling balls half buried. lol If you could find enough. I would be afraid of anything glass. Just a thought.
I'm trying to find a couple to put in my garden. I think they can be painted. Regardless of what you choose it will be pretty & useful.
Happy Fall. Watch out for the gremlins soon to come around.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bowling balls are an intriguing idea Lola. The gremlins have arrived. The hounds are loose and I think the wild kitties are gone.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You can do a lot of gardening yet. What fun to have a blank canvas. I have seen lots of those wine bottle edges. It is interesting. A good excuse to drink wine. A great excuse for a big cabin warming party. A raked gravel bed over the turdbox is a great idea. I think those raked beds look so serene. A great disguise for a roiling turdbox. That new gravel drive looks very inviting. You might as well post a sign at the entrance "private drive" or you will have leaf peepers and cabin crashers invading.

fairegarden said...

Cabin crashers are coming, with plant and wine bottles! :-)


Lola said...

Maybe the hounds ran the wild kitties off. I do hope that they are ok.