Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting Naked

A few trees remain in their full Autumn splendor.

Many more are bare.

I couldn't decide which version I liked better. The difference is quite subtle.

The growing nakedness is not so subtle. It won't be long until I can once again see the cozy cabin through the trees from the resident gardeners house.

The look of winter is near.


Siria said...

Wow...unbelievable how much things change so quickly! Your pictures are beautiful ~ enjoy the very last of fall. I hear it is getting quite chilly there!

Lola said...

It sure is different. One can't hardly believe but I know how quick things can change.
I did notice a difference in the 2 pics. my choice would be #1. I think there is more depth. My opinion.
Stay warm.
We finally got a little shower last night after 28 days. Still not enough. But happy to get what we got.