Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nurse Logs

The only potential "The View" from the cozy cabin was on fire late this evening. The setting sun strikes the mountain just right. The high number of late leaf holding oaks was lit up as if by magic. It would be nice to have a clear view of the near far mountain top.

All those naked trees in front of the only potential "The View" from the cozy cabin must go.

I am hoping they will all fall down on their own, preferably away from the cabin. It would be expensive to have them chopped down and a lot of dangerous work to do it myself. Tree killer you must be thinking.

Not. They are already as dead as dead can be be. Ninety five percent of them are Hemlocks. The tiny Wooly Adelgid killed these mighty Hemlock trees. I just want them to fall down.

I am only thinking of the baby trees all these logs could feed. When they all fall down, I can plant new shorter view having trees.


Siria said...

The hemlocks are so gorgeous! It is very sad they have all died. There is a good tree trimmer out your way. Maybe you can make a trade with him.

Lola said...

OMW, that is a view. Hope no damage occurs when the mighty hemlocks start to tumble. Wouldn't their mighty trunks lie there for yrs?