Saturday, October 30, 2010


In the desert, gardens people wanted always needed water. Now I garden with rain. I plant something and water it by bucket maybe three times. From then on, it gets only rain. A human however is like a garden in the desert. It always needs water. I need water.

It will come up from the ground, just to the left of the now yellow trees.

And end up in here, filtered, pressurized, heated if needed, and sent off to the faucets. This tangle of pipes is almost put together. All that tangle is what the utility closet will hide.

I looked for the right stud. Every so often there is need for mirror time. With warm water I can scrape my face clean.

In the lower down spot high on a mountain water tubes are getting connected.


Siria said...

You always have the most clever posts! That is a great mirror and I love that last picture ~ just gorgeous! Was it my eyes, or is the little yellow house missing from the picture?

Christopher C. NC said...

What little yellow house are you referring to Siria? The cozy cabin? If so I was down by the cabin taking a picture up towards the road where the well is.

Siria said...

Never mind...I didn't have my glasses on when I was reading ... :)

Lola said...

Water seems to be a healer of all. It comes from down deep where we can't see but can only be thankful.
That sure is a small closet to hold so much. Guess better that than spread all over. And no fear of freezing as long as there is some kind of heat.
Good job Christopher. Not long now.

Robin Ripley said...

Gorgeous views there. It's a great time for hiking and just soaking it all in, isn't it?