Monday, October 25, 2010

Out And About And Back

My Hughes satellite ISP has been in an ornery mood, not wanting to load photos to Blogger for a week now. That throws things off. The coming fury of wind and rain is not likely to help matters. I go about my regular incremental construction progress, work and random chores and it is a relieving distraction from ongoing computer aggravation.

Seeing beautiful scenery is most helpful for orienting the mind to the proper perspective. When I go to town, this is where I go, the little town of Waynesville.

This is the gubmint building in Waynesville. I've been in there to get my passport card for a drive through Canada to Buffalo, NY.

A little further from town, in Crabtree valley, there are other sights of interest.

Back home from running errands, the brand new Yellie Mum from Fairegarden, Tennessee was extracted from its well done temporary pot and planted on the grounds of Ku'ulei 'Aina.

I planted three groups of the Yellie Mums in the newly available flower beds on both sides of the service entrance to the cozy cabin. In the Fall when I pull in to park I will be greeted with a cheerful welcome home. I could probably add some of the Sheffie Mum to the mix for even more cheerfulness. Best check the color combo first.

This is Fall from the back stoop of the cozy cabin.

Inside, a bathroom is actually beginning to take shape. The side panel for the utility closet is in and the vanity cabinet was moved close to its final position.

There is still a long list of processes for the bathroom before completion of course, but you can already tell it has that desired flow in the design elements.

Today the vanity cabinet had a few extra holes drilled for water lines and drainage and was placed into its final position. Then I just had to put the glass sink on top to have a look. All I can say is this picture does it no justice. It just looks white, which it is, but it is glass and you really have to see it to get the proper effect.

Outside more wine bottles, generously donated by Frances and the Financier were added to the edging for the new bed. It is so nice of all of you to drink up for me. I'm thinking I will just add the wine bottles as the arrive. When they completely edge the bed, I can step back for a look and see if rearranging them by size, color or what have you will make it even better. Or if I need to make an extra trip to the recycle center.

It has been blustery all day ahead of the big wind a comin'. Fall is getting literally blown away as I type.

No worries. It is already quite cozy inside the cabin and there is plenty yet to keep me busy inside for most of the winter as I plug away at one more process headed towards completion.


Lola said...

These puters can be a mess at times.
So glad you were able to get out. Looking at scenery does straighten the mind sometimes. Been to you shopping town many times. I guess it has changed a lot since I was there.
I like the new plant in your new planting bed. Nice place to park when you come home.
Love the way the bathroom is coming together. It will be speck tackler when you finish. Each step puts you closer to being in for good.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Your pictures are gorgeous. Sorry to hear that fall is coming to an end with this latest storm. It was truly beautiful as your photographs have so beautifully shown us. That picture of the tobacco barn is lovely; and it shows the roots of that area. The cozy cabin is looking GOOD!

chuck b. said...

Does the cozy cabin have heat? Will you stay in it this winter?

Your fall is way ahead of ours. I really haven't seen any sign of it in the foliage. But I can sure tell by the changing of the light.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I haven't seen tobacco hanging in a barn in a long time. Now that takes me back to my childhood. I knew you could count on Frances to bring you some goodies.

Gail said...

Christopher, The fall view from the CC is so lovely~ The blustery winds took away a lot of fall here, too. But, we loved the rain. Are you zone 6a?

I've been to Waynesville! Shopped there, too. How far are you from the city center?


cin said...

That's a different way of curin tabaca. My central NC family hung it in 3's on sticks and hung it in barns heated with propane. This looks to be the way it's cured in Maryland. As for the other vice, some folks in central VA drill holes in the up-ended bottoms of the wine bottles to keep the skeeters from breeding there, but I've noticed that dogs will drink the accumulated water, so maybe the kitties will as well. Have been following your blog unofficially for about a year. Love the pictures and the dose of reality you inject into living in paradise. Cindi

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I am hoping my computer setup in the cabin will be less aggravating with a bit more power in the system.

Siria that tobacco barn caught my eye every time I drove by. The colors are so rich with the old wood and drying tobacco.

Chuck I have two tiny electric heaters that are enough to warm the cabin, but without final inspection I do not have permanent electric which powers everything, so no I won't be living in it this winter.

Lisa there are still a couple of barns around here used to cure tobacco though you really don't see many fields of it anymore. Frances is generous and has put her stamp on Ku'ulei 'Aina.

Gail my elevation makes me more of a zone 5b. From the mountain top to the center of Waynesville is about 25 minutes of scenic driving.

Cin while it rained last night I wondered about the tobacco drying process in open air barns. I guess the weather is critical in this situation. Our mosquitos are wimps and not much of a problem. I wondered more about water freezing in the bottoms now tops thinking it will just expand up and not be a problem. My cats much prefer flavored water of any kind over a clean bowl.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Wow. That's what I do during the winter. I work on the house too. Can't be outside, gotta have something to keep me out of trouble. Great pics too.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Tom. I am hoping this is the last winter I have to work on the cabin. Next winter maybe I will write.