Monday, October 31, 2011

The Breath Of Life

The spirits of the earth were invited in to the little house of Hale Mana. They were pleased with what they saw and moved in on a breath of wind. The little house stirred with rustling, quiet ticks, gurgling. The resident of the house would not be alone. Hale Mana came to life.

The spirits toiled through the first summer settling in and arranging things. Their sweat poured down marking this place as their own.

For now there is life. The spirits of the earth welcomed, made their presence known. Time relents temporarily while continuing on. Only one number of time need switch and the little house could be emptied. Just as the season of vegetation is marked with beginning and end.

There is a little scratching sound in the wall behind my head, a quiet squeaking as I close my eyes to sleep.

I am not alone in Hale Mana. The spirits of the earth are with me.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your house looks quite lively in the dark. I bet you have a mouse in the house, spiritually speaking of course.

Lola said...

A beautiful welcome of a favored place. Fret not as you are being watched over. Welcome that spirit from heavenly places.
Even those homes that have been around for some yrs have their own noises. Recognize each one for their own uniqueness.

Anonymous said...

Built in scary!

Anonymous said...

COOL dark photo! It looks like a church nave with a pipe organ!