Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Search Of Gardens

Once again I find myself with the task of scouting out possible gardens for a garden tour. And once again I am seeing things never seen before, places I have only heard about and never found the time to visit, places that are right in my own backyard.

There are perils and rewards for nudging yourself out of your own mundane routine.

Four years of gardening in the wilderness and the garden to be is still in a conceptual phase as tiny trees and shrubberies settle in and begin to grow while competing with the wild things. I visit mature gardens and lament the slow pace of my own efforts. If only I could devout all my time to gardening on the mountaintop.

Such wide paths. I must have wide walkable paths.

Easier said than done on my steep and undulating terrain. I have the space for nice wide paths. I just don't have the flat.

A wealth of ideas and the chance to meet happy fellow gardeners rewards my efforts.

I lived on a lush tropical island for a long time filled with botanical splendors. Gardens grew at a pace unimaginable here. It was an island far away from my horticultural peers as well. It is a good thing I can't and don't spend all my time on the mountain top gardening in solitude.

In search of gardens I am finding a new happiness I haven't known so much before in all the fellow gardeners I meet along the garden path.


Joe said...

I love visiting public gardens, and they are so abundant here in the Bay Area. I'm always get overloaded with inspiration and ideas when I visit them. That's a nice garden you visited, those wide paths are nice. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you have made spectacular progress in those 4 years given the cabin building, your altitude and woodland setting. My garden is also a woodland and things just plain grow more slowly.
And who wants wide paths in a woodland anyway, eh?
But yes, the beauty of gardening is those fellow learners you meet along the way.....enjoy!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Inspiration and fellowship one finds when stepping outside the box.

Becky said...

I don't suppose you've wandered as far as Sandy Mush Herb Nursery. It's been in business for a long time. Even if it's not possible to take a large group there I would love to see pictures!

Pam/Digging said...

Yes, there's as much enjoyment to be found in meeting other gardeners and seeing their gardens as in creating your own.