Friday, May 15, 2015

A New Garden Begins To Bloom

It was a long busy Bloom Day and I did not have the time to stroll the wild cultivated gardens snapping pictures. Maybe tomorrow. You can visit Miss Carol at May Dreams for plenty of Bloom Day. A visit to a brand new garden will have to do here.

The rebuilt Twin Falls Pond is really starting to look garden like. I keep adding new plants a few at a time as other, all consuming activities permit. The greenery is building.

Painted ferns were added in the center of the tier behind Marguerite Miranda the Mermaid among other additions. I have decided she needs some colored glass balls placed on the polished beach pebbles in front of her, sort of like air bubbles.

The big push was on to get the new paver walkways in before a gathering of the local ladies on Monday. I managed to do that with a herd of painters crawling all over the place and stomping through all my new beds. Ohm........

In the middle of the project Home Depot decided they had sent me all the pavers I bought, when they had not because they did not have enough in stock when I paid for them. Someone in their establishment decided I was trying to con them out of more pavers. Aaargh!!!

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish the second walkway before the ladies arrived. After five attempts with five different people over three days, a call to the manager fixed things and the rest of the pavers were delivered.

The second walkway got finished and grass is seeded to grow in the spaces between.

The new garden is taking shape. I still have plenty of perennial flowers to plant in all the new beds, but that will have to come after other, all consuming activities.

And when I got home, I got chopping. It is done. The Great Lawn is back for the season. That first whack is a wet one. There was only one accident. A Louisiana iris I planted last year on the back side of the log laying across the lawn was decapitated. It was supposed to be a foot over from where it was. It wasn't. It got whacked.

No fear, it will grow back just fine. The Louisiana iris actually do better for me and are much more prolific than the bearded iris. Don't ask me why.

The garden is ready for visitors and I don't think they will notice the decapitated iris.


Lea said...

Love the paved walkway!

Rebecca said...

I was going to say the same thing that Lea said!

And I like the contrast between the two properties. I'm sure tending the two keeps you professionally "sharp".

Sure wish I was one of the "people" Clyde was ready for!

C. C. said...

Dang, the straight, level lines of those pathways are impressive. I love everything you're doing. I have a woodland garden in Piedmont NC and am happy I came across your blog (via Dirt Therapy), for inspiration. You are living the life.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lea I was shown a picture in a magazine and told I want this. I think it turned out nice and will look even better when the grass grows in between the pavers.

Rebecca the contrast between the Posh Estates and the wild cultivated gardens is pretty darn dramatic.

CC I have a touch of OCD. It comes in handy at times. The walkways had to be visually perfect or they would annoy me every time I came through and of course they had to be easy to walk on. I love my woodland garden and am finding new native shade plants to grow in them all the time.

C. C. said...

I'm a picture-straightener, so clearly there's some OCD here as well. Our patio (laid by the previous owner) is concrete pavers set in a kind of running bond pattern with space between each. I planted dwarf mondo grass sprigs between the pavers 4-5 years ago, and they're helping to disguise the uneven lines. I could've dug them all up and started over but it's hundreds of pavers, and I am lazy.

Look forward to keeping up with your gardening.

Sallysmom said...

I love, love, love that walkway. I wish I could get my hubs to build that.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Christopher, you would faint if you walked through my garden. No ocd here. I am a live and let live kind of gardener. I go for the straight and perfect yet when it doesn't turn out I let it go....Your work is great. Nice to see the new garden blooming. Love that mermaid. I think she needs bubbles too. The owner should get a bubble machine to run during parties. :)

Christopher C. NC said...

CC I might plant dwarf mondo as a temporary fix, but it would always be on my list to straighten the pavers.

Sallysmom it was pretty easy. The ground was pretty flat to start which helped a great deal. Mostly it was a lot of lifting and toting.

Lisa there is not a whole lot of straight and perfect in my garden. I have to get that kind of satisfaction in client's gardens. I'd be all for a bubble machine if I didn't think the soap would hurt my expensive fancy koi.

Swimray said...

I agree about the mermaid and the bubbles. She blends into the background in your photos and the bubbles would announce her.

Christopher C. NC said...

Swimray there looks to be a strong consensus for colored glass bubbles for Miranda the Mermaid. Now where to find them/