Monday, May 25, 2015

In The Burgeoning Lush

The twin rising spikes were a bit of a surprise. Except for Lorelei, the bearded iris were not blooming this year. Again. They are a fussy bunch, particularly in anything less than full sun. We are low on full sun.

The deep, rich, velvety goodness of the Black Iris is a welcome surprise.

The odd gladiola has a bloom. These were tiny rescued bulbs left on the ground during a relocation operation by the other gardener from too much shade to a bit more sun two seasons ago. Now they are big enough to bloom.

More of them popped up in the original shady place looking meek. I should dig those up and move them.

The Fire Pink, Silene virginica has started to bloom. So far I have seen no self seeding despite what look like fine seed heads two years in a row. Hey there Mr. Pink. You are a weed. Get busy.

I will give it a good rating as a hardy perennial.

It is a very good thing we do not rely on the bearded group for our iris fix. There are others of your kind.

My manipulation of the Lush is having an effect. The baptisia I grew from seed and planted in a large sweep is ever so close to having enough blooms to attempt a little drama. I should plant more. They don't seem to get very big when faced with some real competition for resources.

The Siberian Iris always bloom provided they get enough sun. Fussy can mean doom in the Lush. Without some effort, a plant can be forgotten and abandoned to its more vigorous neighbors.

How long before the new cracked pot disappears? That's how it goes with the Lush. I have to plan ahead for the barren time though. It lasts a good half of the year. That pot will entertain me all winter.

Out there along the scenic byway the curated Lush is beginning to get infamous. Riding by on a beautiful day it was recognized. That's it. It's here. I read your blog.

The virtual world is made real in a short delightful encounter. Here let me show you something. Do this. Mow a path through your new forested acres and edit. The garden will come.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The bearded iris here do have a bad time without full sun. They lean and flop. Most annoying. I like your new cracked pot. It seems to be a good size for out in the lush.

Lola said...

Iris don't do too good here either. Too hot, this yr. anyway.