Friday, May 22, 2015

Miranda Gets Her First Bubble

My idea of colored glass balls for Miranda the Mermaid was really liked. The first ball was produced.

There will be more to come. I buy plants and other needed garden supplies. The Lady of the House does the rest of the shopping. When I had the idea I went online and looked. They will be easy to find. Glass balls are an ad everywhere I go online now of course.

The walkway along the carriage house leads to the steps down to Twin Falls Pond.

It is getting lush.

You see this side of Twin Falls Pond most often because it is in the shade when I am there. It is in half shade and half full sun most of the time. That is an impossible picture taking situation to show the entire pond and patio. One day.

I came home and finished the hardcore first round of editing out the last of the New England Aster. Editing isn't always pretty. There was some stompage involved.

There was just a bit of pollen in the air when I took this shot.

I have faith in the Lush. In a few weeks you'll never know I ripped out all that aster and dropped it to the ground to decompose. I saw some Joe Pye and Ironweed while I was in there. That is what I want.

There will be some touch up editing as more of it tries to grow back tall. The hard part is done though. I already have replacements planted in the garden. A much smaller store bought citified version of the New England Aster was gifted to me and it has started to self sow. Last year I received some starts of the Tatarian Aster which is much less floppy.

The Tall Flower Meadow is constantly changing under my tenure as editor.

What will it do this year? I never know for sure. I edit. I am not in control.

Miranda gets new glass baubles and I get broken crockery. I'm good with that.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Bubble bubble toil and trouble. I am sure the spirits will speak. Great addition.

C. C. said...

The delicate bubble, the hard craggy rocks, the soft plants and the graceful mermaid - love the juxtapositions. Great idea.