Wednesday, November 23, 2016


It was a beautiful clear morning yesterday. I watched in horror as this wall of smoke rolled in over the mountains like an approaching storm. Waynesville is down in there some where. This was the worst day of smoke so far and it has been bad before.

It was still awful this morning when I woke up. The thick smoke had made it all the way to me in the night. It was still bad when I got to town. It slowly began to clear during the day.

You see, I am supposed to be able to see clear across the valley and beyond like this. That low grey line over the distant peaks is the smoke moving on. The photo above is supposed to have a similar view.

The thick wall of smoke moved on, but there is still smoke in the air. It comes in waves on the wind with an approaching front that might spit another dab of water on things.

At this point we will take any spit we can get. They look like clouds. They just tend to be used up by the time they get to me. I can tell by the smell that smoke is part of the composition. It seems to add a bit to the colors of the sunset.

Now spit!


Sallysmom said...

We got a little less than 1/8' of rain yesterday. This is all we have had in a little over a month.

Lisa Greenbow said...

So sorry that you are having to cope with the smoke. I hope that a plate full of turkey and your favorite sides will lift your spirits. Praying for rain to come your way.
Happy Thanksgiving anyway...