Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gaining Substance

It was a fine morning. I waited for the sun to take the edge off before getting started.

The plan was for more chop and drop to uncover more of the Under Garden.

The change is rather remarkable. It's like having a whole new garden.

Hidden objet' de have reappeared.

Most of all, the Under Garden is growing and gaining substance.

The contours of the earth are completely exposed.

As I chopped it became apparent that the Under Garden has definitely been gaining form. This felt like the first time it spoke to me as a whole. It is more obvious in person sweeping your eye over the entire scene than in the pictures. It is still small after all.

In another few years it will become a more integral part of the summer Tall Flower Meadow.

You see, the plan is as the Under Garden grows and takes more space, the meadow component will be more refined. Less and less editing will be needed. The garden will grow with me into my decrepitude and be easier to maintain. That's the theory anyway.

I stared at my new garden for hours from every angle. It's been a long time. I was quite happy to see the progress.

The garden is all good. Being so utterly exposed to the scenic byway is taking some adjustment. It's the same every year. I get used to being hidden, then Bam! Everything is on view.

I'll leave the Joe Pye on the basement patio for now. I felt much more relaxed hiding back there.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Such excitement finding that the under garden is beginning to romp.