Monday, November 21, 2016

Winter Light

Sunshine becomes infinitely more expressive and appreciated at this time of year. My mornings start off with an awesome light display. The low angle of the sun as it first rises over the mountain shines through the drying seed heads of the Tall Flower Meadow like crystal glass. They illuminate from within to throw off powerful beams.

Now that the forest trees are bare, I discovered the bottle tree doing the same thing. Sister #2 suggested it and I have been moving towards clear and light colored bottles as they show up. Big improvement.

It was cold this weekend. Two mornings of lows in the 20's. Anything that wasn't ready for the change got zapped. The Saucer Magnolia 'Jane' held it's leaves for a bit too long. That is to be expected when it was 70 degrees the day before in the middle of November.

It never got warm either and on cold sunny days you might find me motionless, parked in the high beams, like a lizard trying to get warm. I don't think I illuminate from within though. Maybe my hair does. I need a witness.

This morning light show will continue most of the winter as sunshine permits. It's an awesome way to start the day.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I agree, a wonderful way to start the day. Let the sun shine...

Sallysmom said...

We finally have had a frost and it got my Mexican Sunflowers. The monarchs had been all over them as they made their way to Mexico. Hate to seem them go.