Friday, November 25, 2016

Uncovering The Under Garden

I had the day off. The weather was perfect; sunny, smoke free and with a hint of warm. It had even spit some rain in the night.

Last week's wind and freezing temperatures made the barren time officially official. All the leaves are gone and the meadow has begun to turn to dust.

I am now completely exposed to the rubberneckers traveling along the scenic byway. It was time to begin.

It was time to uncover the Under Garden of winter interest that carries me through the winter.

I spent several hours chopping and dropping the dried remnants of the Tall Flower Meadow. It's a whole new look for the passersby.

One section of the slope is done. There is more to go, more Under Garden to uncover.

I start chopping first on the slope below the cozy cabin where the main Under Garden resides and work my way out from there over the entire three acres. I have until mid-February to finish. No rush. I expect some snow assist. For now I just want to see the Under Garden.

I haven't seen this garden since the 1st of June.

Progress. I will say the Yucca filamentosa would be less floppy and more robust if they were not quite so buried all summer. They manage to do pretty well despite the competition.

I chopped and dropped then went for a long slow meditative walk in the wild cultivated gardens on a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. I saw chores that need doing. And my deer hunter got one. Oh my!

I am exposed. The earth is exposed. The garden's bone structure is laid bare. It takes some getting used to. It's growing, but this is the slowest garden I have experienced in my entire life.

The earth is my canvas. I am painting a picture of unknown meaning with living pigments that are in constant flux. That means I'm crazy or a gardener or both.

The traffic sure was moving slow yesterday. Full bellies maybe, but then they haven't seen the Under Garden since last June either.

I'll keep chopping as time and weather permits. Word is there might be some actual rain coming this way. Big rain. Fire killing rain.

Everything could use a good long drink before winter settles in.

This garden is my swan song. I will keep at it, knowing full well one day it will look just like this.


Jan O said...

So many beautiful posts, thank you so much. :-)

Lisa Greenbow said...

It is exciting to see the undergarden. The winter garden is looking good. Maybe everything will perk up with some rain.