Sunday, November 6, 2016

Intimations Of Winter

There was a hint of frost at forty degrees yesterday morning. Driving to town I saw real frost down in the valleys. A calm wind lets the warmer air rise to the top.

At this point my mountain top is three weeks past the average annual killing frost date. I have peppers and tomatoes still green as can be. It was the late afternoon sun, shining low on white and drying grasses, that gave more of an impression of real frost.

The only discernible difference between freezing and drought is the drying process takes longer. The end result is the same, at least above ground.

This is the magic of grasses in the garden. They light up in the low angle sun. It is an effect that can last all winter. Their frozen bones remain standing, only slowly giving way to snow and winter winds.

I came home to a late turning tree blazing in the Carolina blue sky. It was most appreciated since my day was spent in a thick haze of smoke from one or several forest fires in the direction of Sylva. This drought is getting scary. I hope it breaks soon.

That thick haze of smoke had moved north in the night settling on the mountain top. I woke up to smelly grey skies. I hope it is gone tomorrow when I head to town.

Some where up there is the Carolina blue sky. The next time it turns grey I want rain. Snow would be ok too.

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Sallysmom said...

Your colors are gorgeous. We rode over to the lake to see if the leaves had changed and very few had. We saw mostly browns which I guess was due to the extreme drought.