Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Round Two

I woke up this morning to no rain when it was an hour away at best when I went to bed. Round two got stuck. It was parked just over the border. I was afraid it was going to do that not all to unusual ride north on the spine of the Appalachian mountains. It happens and when it does I don't get more than wind and dark clouds. I was expecting an inch or more of rain.

That holding pattern forced me to go to work.

At one this afternoon the dam burst and round two spilled over the mountains. I was forced to go home.

There was a steady gentle rain for four hours. It wasn't anywhere close to two inches. It might not have even been one. I am content to get a good rain and happy that most of it seems to have fallen on Tennessee where the worst fires have been.

All my gardens are happy. It is not a good thing to go into winter thirsty, particularly for evergreens. I want the Under Garden of evergreen winter interest to live long and prosper. My decrepitude approaches. I need it to cover more ground.

No the wind was not blowing. You can certainly tell which way it had been.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I am glad you got some rain even though it probably wasn't enough. We too got some much needed rain. It is kind of funny seeing the grass blown over to one side.