Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gently In The Night

There was mist when I went to bed. There was rain in the night and rain when I woke up. There may have been close to an inch of gentle ground penetrating rain. By 11am it was over. Clear blue smoke free skies ruled the day.

Round one was a big success. Round two is scheduled to arrive in the night. It could deliver another two inches of desperately needed rain. Round two could put an end to the fires.

Sadly for Gatlinburg, Tennessee it was too little too late. The strong winds that came before the rain sent a wild fire barreling towards town. Over a hundred homes were burned and many businesses lost. Gatlinburg is still there, but it is crispy around the edges.

The gardens drank every last drop. I saw no signs of runoff and the creeks didn't even rise. I hope round two is just as gentle. We need all that water in ground storage.

At long last, something more than spit. My wild gardening methods are already an added stress on the Under Garden. Drought was not in the plans.

Back when rain was a normal occurrence, I have watched a small river of it wash over the Snake in the Grass twice. It takes a very hard rain to do that. We don't need that kind of rain. Let it come gently. Let the parched ground absorb the sweetness of it all.

At dusk there was no sign of round two. It's coming. Now the word is snow is on tap for Saturday and into next week. Rain and snow for days in a row. This should mark the end of the fires.


Lisa Greenbow said...

The news has been full of scary pictures of the fires. I hope the rain does come and end it all.

Sallysmom said...

We had 1 1/4" night before last and looks like the gauge is showing 2" from last night. We are under a burn ban until Jan. 3 so you know it is incredibly dry here. Although every drop of this rain is deeply appreciated, we could do with that much more at the very least.