Friday, November 4, 2016

In This Light

I'm not sure how I feel about daylight savings time. I don't like having to get up in the dark. I don't like coming home when it's almost dark. The only choice I have is adjustment.

It's getting dark and cold next week after another rude slap of pitiful rain.

The mountains are turning to red ochre as the oaks finish the end of autumn.

A differnt kind of light settles over the mountain.

In this light other elements in the garden gain form and substance.

White froth gathers in anticipation of frost and wind.

The drought has been upgraded to severe. The fine print suggests it could continue until late this month.

Cold and dark may slow the decay, but it is no replacement for actual rain. I have been seeing plenty of real stress in plants in my travels. I expect loss to become apparent next spring. Sadly I expect this kind of loss will be a new normal in gardens as the weathers swing wildly from Polar vortexes to non-winters, droughts and monsoons.

As the gardener I will have some explaining to do and I can't be sure who will be willing to hear the answer.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

This drought is hard on trees, shrubs everything. Bah humbug.