Saturday, November 19, 2016

Given Enough Time

Japanese Maples are late to bed and early to rise. That makes them vulnerable to the ravages of early and late freezes. Zone 6 is pushing the limits of a plant that prefers zones 7 to 9. Add in higher elevation and the risk to missing out on their full potential increases.

This year they did very well. There may be some advantage to the hottest year on record, at least if the extreme drought doesn't take them out. It was a very good year for high elevation okra too.

There are random bits of fall tucked into the folds of these mountains. This weekend is bringing the first real blast of winter. Lows will be in the 20's and a wicked wind is blowing. It arrived with a little spritz of water and even acted like it wanted to snow. But, no snow.

Reflecting on Creation.

This is the last of my four Japanese maples to turn. It was a seedling found beneath the red and yellow ones at the top of this post.

Red and yellow make orange, a very brilliant orange. This may be the first time the leaves were not frozen off.

It followed me home when it was a seedling with four leaves at most, a tiny red leaved thing. Look at it now.

With winter coming, I assembled the plastic deck box without the bottom piece which was quite easy for the well head cover for the house next door. Much more attractive than the ugly well head and configuration of hose bibs.

The remaining house plants were brought in. I did not spend much time at all out there. The wind chilly was fierce.

Will the oak trees still have leaves when I wake up in the morning? It's pretty official. The barren time is here.


beverly said...

I too have seedling Japanese maples and it's always a treat to see how their fall color will turn out. So far only one pumpkin one like you have. It's a tough competition for the most beautiful understory tree, but they would certainly win in the fall. ps love the deck box! Your sister is a creative thinker!

Lisa Greenbow said...

The wind brought a hint of winter here too. Brrrr
That little Japanese Maple is beautiful. It exudes warmth with those orange leaves.