Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Wedding Cake Garden

The gardens at The Inn are expanding to the far side of the Almighty Falls. The headwaters of the falls in this picture is up top of course.

Clearing this section of the property back down to a blank slate is nearly done.

The original terraces of the old garden will be filled a new.

Gardens can very much have useful life spans. This one was planted in the late 60's from what I gather. It was abandoned for a decade centered around 2000 and in these parts the forest will do everything in its power to take every bit of human tinkering back. There wasn't much left worth saving.

I see a frosted wedding cake with the happy couple getting married on top.

I will plant it so.

After I get a design confirmation, procure hundreds of plants and have a good footing into spring.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I adore all the moss on the stones. What fun this will be. I can see that wedding cake.

Tracy said...

can't wait to see the process and end result.