Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Kirkland on the Mainland

The Festival of Free Crap was held on Sunday, followed immediately by a trip to the dump. Monday afternoon, five hours before my flight was the much more popular Festival of Free Shrubberies. No matter how hard I tried and how much weight I lost trying to clean that place down to the bone, the stuff was endless. In the end the stuff won out. There was stuff left behind for others to deal with. Some quite good stuff mind you. The good news is I was able to let it go with next to no regrets.

The port of Seattle held my ride for the next leg of a new journey in life.

On the waterfront gardens were suspended in the air.

Raindrops on a Japanese Maple in the beautiful garden where I have landed to rest for a few days.

Maple, grasses and stone in an entry courtyard.

Rhododendrons in full bloom. It is looking a lot like the climate of my final destination.

It sure looks like a pink flowered Strawberry to me. Let the learning begin.

Variegated grass.

Is this a Salvia?

A Rose in a tub on a patio in bloom.

You have got to be kidding me. Two tall palms by the pool just outside of Seattle.

A Weeping conifer with Spirea. I am going to have to relearn all my needled plants.

I have landed safely on the west coast of the United States from one of the separated ones.

That's me on the mainland. Howdy.


Anonymous said...

Welcome!!! Hope your traveling is going well and you will land safely at your final destination! That is a phygelius in your shot, I think! Can't wait to see your new home!

Unknown said...

Howdy! That's a lovely garden. Don't get too used to Seattle gardening while you're having a stayover, Christopher... PNW gardening is nothing like you'll find in NC! (Nothing like you'll find here, either, sad to say.)

Although, you may find pink-flowered strawberries will grow in your new/old home, too. I think they might be called "Pink Panda" strawberries?

Christopher C. NC said...

I do believe you are right Layanee. It is a Phygelius or Cape Fuchsia.

My ride just got two new tires, rotation and balancing for the road trip today.

I thought things were supposed to be cheaper on the mainland.

Christopher C. NC said...

Kim, you mean when I go to the Bellevue Botanical Garden tomorrow I shouldn't think everything I see there will grow in NC?

Here there are Southern Magnolias next to Japanese Maples and Palms that I think are Trachycarpus fortunei

Anonymous said...

You're a total babe!~

Anonymous said...

See, there are those tropicals by the pool. Seattlites can apparently grow whatever the heck they want.

It's nice to see you "in person."